Thursday, December 18, 2014

GA Winterfest: Blogger NakedCarl's Photography for Thursday December 18

Blogger NakedCarl continues his photographic coverage of  GA Winterfest, which will continue daily activities and parties for the rest of this week through Sunday, December 21.

All photography in this post is from NakedCarl's Blog which you can catch here.  You can also catch his photography from other Winterfest days:
Your taxi to Winterfest (arrive near the main Winterfest Dance Stage):

To see the Winterfest Schedule:

Events are in reverse chronological order, with the latest event listed first. Please go to each link to see more photographs of the event.


Winterfest at the Shimmy Shack
With DJ Carlos and Host Patrick


Winterfest - Adonis Heights Radio
Location: Main Stage
With DJ Rocky


Winterfest Gay Zone Germany
With DJ Rascal and Host Thresher


Winterfest - City of Vienna
Location: Main Stage
With DJ Bearded Munro


With DJ Andreas
Location: Main Stage


Winterfest at The Shimmy Shack
With DJ Wolf and Host Cowboy Kirby Lee and Carlos


Winterfest - Lycan Moon  - Late Wednesday Night
With DJ Weylin Vale and Host Antonio TooCool


Special Event Tomorrow: GA Winterfest Live Concert at Terra Lascivius at 6:00 PM SLT

Nance Brody and Samm Qendra will be singing at a special GA Winterfest live concert at Terra Lascivius on Friday, December 19 from 6:00 PM --  8:00 PM SLT as part of the Romance on the Plaza concert series.

Your Taxi to the event:

For More Information about Terra Lascivius:

To see the entire GA Event Winterfest Schedule though Sunday, December 21: