Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ryce Wanted to Puke After Nearly Being Made Into Hamburger Meat On the Linden Halloween Ride -- And You Can Join In The Fun Too!

Ryce wanted to puke after taking the Linden Lab Halloween ride. He really enjoyed the experience and recommends it for all.

To see more photography and read a full review of this Linden Lab destination open for Halloween Week 2014:

To visit take the portal marked Halloween from the central arrival area:

Haunted Destinations for Halloween: The Driving Electrical Storm at Done Wiv a Twist

Done Wiv a Twist has a very good renditions of a driving electrical storm. Fog hugging the ground and other strange lights complete a haunted effect. You can feel yourself getting soaking wet and worrying about electrocution as you make your way across the bramble bridge as you take cover in a ghostly cabin. I show animated GIF's to demonstrate this as the last two photographs in this post. The destination is divided into two areas, the first is a pleasant late October landscape when you arrive, walk a bit (you may have to adjust your graphics down) and enter the electrical storm.

To visit:

Recommended Windlight Settings (note: the destination was not programmed to these settings when I visited):   Sky: "AnaLu - outdoor city night",  Water:"Blackwater"



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Thursday, October 23:  Deadpool
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Saturday, October 25:   RMK Gothic Ghost Academy 
Sunday, October 26:   Hell House
Monday, October 27:   Dysphoria
Tuesday,  October 28:   St.Mary of Bethlehem Asylum
Wednesday, October 29:   Return of the Nightmare Walkthrough 
Thursday, October 30:   Done Wiv a Twist
Friday, October 31:   Faircrest